The Hunting Season Collection

As you may figure the 6 Wolves brand holds themselves responsible for creating content and merchandise for other brands.

With all this creativity we unfair would it be if we did not utilize this creativity for ourselves. 

6 Wolves would like to introduce

"The Hunting Season Collection" 

Everyone and everything has a season. The Hunting Season Collection is designed to inspire. The Hunting Season Collection utilizes simple and clean visuals, with pop cultures, use of hashtagging. Hunting Season is something we say within 6 Wolves to bring awareness to our desire for more projects. More ideas. We "feed" off it.  





Rest & Creativity (part 1)

The new year is here ladies and gentlemen.

   I said that as if it is 11:59 pm 31st of December, nevertheless we're here now. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! So to kick the new year off, I want to talk about rest and creativity. I'll probably make this a series considering it's a big deal and will be talked about till the end of time. 

   As a creative, there are a couple of questions that are posed. At what point do you stop? How do we generate new ideas? If we are in the business to make money (which I hope we are here for) how do we balance our time to rest, form new ideas, and then attack the canvas again...or whatever your canvas of choice is. I want to share my "unwanted 6 cents". 

   For me - stopping to rest is very difficult. My brain is going 100 mph every day. I think about everything from designing to trying to solve my life problems. So putting the breaks on is work within itself. Here is the thing though. I need it. I find I come up with a plethora of ideas because I took a chill pill. To keep it brief (because we don't like to read more then three paragraphs) as an artist I find inspiration from a variety of things. Movies, posters, music videos etc. So if I am on a creative hiatus (I am sure there is a science to it) my brain is absorbing everything. Solving my creative problems. Storing visual information in the bank of visuals, waiting for me to make a visual withdrawal. Suffice to say. A day or two off is good. 

Let this serve as an introduction to rest and create!



Free Black Panther Print

We have been watching the trailer all day! We love it! So remember when we announced that we added Black Panther to the Tribal Block Collection??? Guess what. He's going like hot cakes. (Might not be the coolest reference) All you have to do is follow us on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook ( the links are at the bottom) then direct message us "done" with your address! We only have 3 left! 


Simple right?



Welcoming the Black Panther

From the mind of a fellow creative...

   There is a certain satisfaction to be had when you see the vision you had "come to life." So today's post will be about the release of yours truly new addition to the Tribal Blocked Collection.  Black Panther is here ladies and gents. I am very excited! (Because one exclamation point says it all) 

He will be the first among many of fan art to come. See I am a die hard Marvel fan. (so much I will pay to watch a Marvel movie twice, maybe three times). I feel the best way to show my appreciation for the brand of Marvel is to use my god-given ability to create. There are plenty of fan artist out here. I just want to throw my name in the mix along with others. Hoping. Hoping I will be just as great as the other big names (Boss Logic). With all this said. You can see the prints, and the artwork itself on the brands various social media pages. @6wolves for those are unsure of the handle. 


Keep creating!